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Shell Matel Apple Watch Strap

Shell Matel Apple Watch Strap

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Apple Watch Series : 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1/SE 38/40/41 MM 42/44/45/49 MM

Band Material Type: Stainless Steel + Shell Matel

Band Length: 22cm

Pearl Stone Apple Watch Band: Reflect Your Style

One of the most elegant ways to personalize your Apple Watch and bring your style to the fore, the Apple Watch Band with Mother of Pearl Stone draws attention with its original design and various color options. This watch band, every detail of which has been carefully considered, is the perfect choice for both daily use and special moments.


Sizes: The Pearl Stone Apple Watch Band is available in various sizes suitable for different watch models: 38/40/41 MM and 42/44/45/49 MM.
Color Options: You can choose from among Silver, Black, Rosegold and Gold color options in accordance with your personal style.
Why Choose the Apple Watch Band with Mother of Pearl Stone:

Elegant Design: Each mother-of-pearl stone has been carefully selected and placed with an aesthetic touch at every stage of the design. This increases the elegance and grace of your watch.
High Quality: Produced with quality materials and craftsmanship, this watch band provides long-lasting use. With its durable structure, you can easily use it in your daily activities.
Personalization: Different color options and sizes allow you to find an option that suits your personal style and watch model.
Comfortable Use: Thanks to its comfortable and adjustable design, the watch band stays comfortably on your arm. You can use it comfortably even for long hours.
Customize your watch and reflect your style with the Pearl Stone Apple Watch Band. Discover the most elegant way to express yourself. Now choose from the color and size options and add elegance to your watch.

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