The Apple Watch Series 7 is larger, curvier, and smarter

The Apple Watch Series 7 is larger, curvier, and smarter

The new wearable is shipping later this year

In brief: The new Apple Watch was widely expected to be a significant visual upgrade over the previous generations, and to some extent it is. The larger screen allows for better interactions and text input, while several small improvements will supposedly add up to a more refined overall experience.

Apple Watch Series 7 was unveiled today, and it looks like the company is sticking with the overall design aesthetic of previous Apple Watches for at least one more generation.

The Cupertino company made a number of improvements on this mature design. The most noticeable one is a larger, 70 percent brighter Retina display with smaller, 1.7 mm refractive bezels, which make it look as if the screen is melting onto the sides of the case. Apple says the new screen can display 50 percent more text when compared Watch Series 6.

apple watch band 7 series

As expected, a larger screen called for new watch faces, but it's also stronger than before.

Apple claims the new screen is crack and dust resistant, and the IP6X rating means you can rest assured that beach sand and dust from the street won't easily find its way into the Watch Series 7. The water resistance rating is the same as on the previous Watch.

Now that the screen is larger, it's also easier to type on it using a full swipe keyboard. However, the overall size hasn't changed much from the previous generation. The new Apple Watch comes in 41 mm and 45 mm versions, with five new aluminum colors, three new stainless steel colors, and two new titanium finishes. And best of all, you can still use existing Watch bands.

The internals are relatively unchanged, with the only notable addition being faster charging for the tiny battery. This means you can now get up to 8 hours of sleep tracking with 8 minutes of charging, and getting from 0 to 80 percent battery takes only 45 minutes. Otherwise, the new Watch is still rated for up to 18 hours of battery life with normal use.

apple watch band 7 series

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